The Right Information - Right Place, Right Time
Increased competition, greater cost pressures, staff reduction, more regulation, faster time-to-market, shorter product life-cycles and shelf-lives, more reliance on technology, greater dependence on external partners ... all these pressures drive organisations to better manage costs, risks and speed to market.

Sourcing, either from external suppliers or from internal capability, enables organisations to take a real-world commercial and quality of service view of the services they need to stay competitive. When engaging external suppliers in the delivery process, it's critical that all parties share a single view of operational data to provide a seamless service. Anything less is nearly always sub-optimal and threatens expected benefits.

Perspective Can Help With:

The Procurement Process
- Requirements definition and preparation
- Bid review and analysis
- Contract design and negotiation

Implementing the Sourcing Solution
- Programme management
- Service management design
- Service delivery performance management
- Retained team structures, skills & implementation

- Evaluation of the quality of supply
- Contract adjustment and re-negotiation