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RPM is a business management solution. It displays current status of all projects and programmes, in a simple but complete manner. An automated reporting capability enables drill-down to appropriate detail levels. RPM also enforces status reporting from all levels within an organisation, or between an organisation and its business partners, suppliers or customers.

RPM monitors and measures activities in complex programmes and projects. However, it isn't a project portfolio manager. In fact, RPM uses data from project management tools, portfolio management tools and professional services automation systems to integrate different types of information already being captured about milestones, resources and finances.

RPM tracks financial information using data from major accounting and ERP system to follow financial status at any time. If a project target or budget is missed, RPM also recalculates the impact on costs, benefit realisation and estimates to completion.

RPM makes better use of the tools an organisation has already implemented, thus assisting companies to achieve a greater return on effort and costs already invested.

RPM monitors benefits. How often have managers wanted to see if an activity truly achieved the benefits it was supposed to deliver?

RPM is flexible. The solution can be extended easily to monitor performance of other processes, including compliance, services and supplier management.

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