Consulting and Training Services
Industry leading experts in Risk & Performance Management.

Full range of high quality consulting, implementation and programme and project management services

Full range of available standard courses for RPM and Opalis implementation

Generic training in best-practice risk, programme and service management.
Customised training is available.

Technical Support Services
Perspective, along with a network of service partners, offer a full range of technical support for RPM and Opalis as well as integration support for a range or project management, accounting, ERP and similar products.

Online Assistance
An online support system is available to registered customers, where problems can be tracked and maintenance downloaded.


Banking, Finance and Insurance
Financial institutions of all types need a complete and up-to-date picture available on demand, covering all aspects of the business, ranging from day-to-day departmental performance, new product introductions to major compliance and governance initiatives. Ensuring appropriate controls are defined and effective is essential in meeting regulatory requirements including Basel II, FSA, MiFID and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Engineering and Construction
The risk management aspects of construction and engineering projects of all sizes has become increasingly important. The ability to manage risk in a formalised and systematic fashion has become mandatory in many situations. RPM is well-suited to delivering and managing this process in a consistent fashion that meets those requirements.Viewing and managing risks in the context of overall project performance, including financial and milestone data improves understanding across the entire project..

Governance and Regulatory Compliance
Directors and Senior Managers have an increasingly complex fiduciary responsibility to protect investor interests. To meet these obligations, timely and reliable information about risk, performance and compliance with market regulations is paramount - requiring consistent, timely and accurate consolidation.